Bombay Electricals (BE) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established by Late shree Durga Dutt Gupta, in 1955 & today its one of leading manufacturer catering to the Transformer Industry. We also specialise in manufacturing various types of Anchor Fasteners.
Over the past decades Bombay Electricals have grown in leaps & bounds with constant emphasis given to Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Our dedication and commitment to our customers’ requirements for over 50 years have helped us gain due respect from the transformer manufacturers in India & in other countries.
Our product portfolio for the Transformer Industry includes Bushing Metal Parts, Fabricated Bus Bars, Jumpers, Copper Connectors, Rollers, Tie rods and OLTC parts. On the Anchor Fasteners front, we dwell into SS Tam Shield, SS Anchor Fasteners, Brass Screw Clip, Copper Saddles, Nuts/Bolts & Washers of different style like Plain, Spring, Cup, Conical Washers etc of various materials. We can also develop customised products and Sheet Metal Components as per customer’s requirements.
Off late, we have also establish a complete CNC machine setup, wherein we can develop customised CNC turned parts and Glass Fittings like Routels & Clamps.
Growing in experience we have a strong team of technical personnel dedicated towards developing best quality products for the industry. Emphasis is also given to Research & Product Development keeping abreast of the latest happenings in the industry.
We strongly believe that, we cannot grow big, unless and until our customers grow big. Hence at Bombay electricals it’s our endeavour to satisfy the requirements of all the members in the value chain.