Jumpers & Connectors

Flexible jumpers are an excellent and cost effective interconnection for applications requiring flexibility.
Copper laminated flexible jumpers are manufactured by stacking high conductivity, electrolytic grade copper foils and then pressure welded. The process is designed in such a way that it enhances the current carrying capacity with almost nil, millivolt drop across the connector. Copper jumpers carry the same current as that of Busbars as they have a constant cross section over the whole length giving a nil millivolt drop. So these kind of jumpers are ideal substitutes for solid busbars. Applications of these jumpers are wide, catering to the many industries like Power Plants, Transformers switchgear’s, electricity boards, chemical plants, locomotives, etc.
These jumpers are individually designed and manufactured in all possible shapes & sizes. The copper strip thickness & punching of holes are done as per the customer’s requirement. We also manufacture various types of copper connectors catering to the electrical industry.